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UAB Eurobilis is one of the largest importers of Scandinavian second-hand clothes in Lithuania. Our company sells Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian second-hand clothes. The main products that we import are second-hand clothes in family bags collected directly from the residents of the best blocks - residential areas - of the Finnish capital Helsinki, Swedish capital Stockholm and the Norwegian capital Oslo. Clothes are collected in support of International charitable organizations, which highly motivates the residents to give away high-quality, clean, orderly, well-kept and good-to-wear clothes. This is highly important to us. 

And now - about you

If you are a company that deals with the sorting of second-hand clothes, owner of a network of second-hand clothing stores or small market seller, you probably encounter a variety of business issues - poor quality of clothes purchased, decreasing trade turnover, growing costs and decreasing profit - on a daily basis. Are you looking for an alternative to expensive clothes from Great Britain? Would you like them to be high-quality, fashionable and profitably sold? Are you waisting your precious time looking for reliable and honest suppliers instead of doing the actual business? Contact us and together we will definitely find the best solution.

Our capabilities

Our partners are the largest companies collecting second-hand clothes in Norway and Sweden, which supply second-hand clothes of the highest quality. Our company accurately supervises and controls the quality of the goods supplied. Profitable business of our customers is our concern. Entrust us with your worries and we will be happy to solve them!


Why Eurobilis ?

  • The strictest quality control ;
  • Constant supply ;
  • Excellent customer service ;
  • Experience and reputation ;
  • Leaders in Lithuania. 

High price does not necessarily demonstrate high quality, low price always suggests higher profit.
Egidijus Žilinskas - Company CEO

"Credit info" Lithuania rating www.creditinfo.lt


Eurobilis Ltd
Kazimiero Ladygos nr 3-50,
LT-08235 Vilnius, Lithuania
T + (370) 687 165 64
Email: info@eurobilis.lt

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